Governance Risk and Compliance Ltd., (“GRC”), founded in 2018, is a consultancy made up of ex industry professionals who have held senior positions and who are seasoned, market professionals. We are here to guide you through the complexities of regulation creating a robust and flexible regulatory risk environment, owned and manged by the business, overseen by Compliance, driven by the culture and governance regime of the firm. GRC will deliver lasting change by creating a risk resilient corporate culture.

There is not a “one size fits all solution” for regulatory risk programmes, so GRC does not provide one. Instead GRC takes the time and care to understand your business, your business requirements, and objectives, ensuring that GRC provides your firm with appropriate, efficient, practical, and cost-effective solutions to manage your specific regulatory risk.

What we do

GRC aims to provide quality compliance advisory services horizontally and/or vertically to create, sustain or improve the compliance operational framework of your firm whilst managing the cost of compliance.

At GRC, we provide clients with the critical skills and expertise required to establish, maintain, and enhance a balanced and effective compliance risk management programme. We help organizations demonstrate a commitment to a strong risk management culture enhancing your firms reputation as a leader in the market place.

GRC has experience in understanding the Compliance problem and delivers the solutionGRC provides support, advice, and project resources to address failings or weaknesses in the horizontal and vertical model of Compliance

Our Mission

GRC’s team can provide advice and guidance across a spectrum of regulatory risk disciplines

  • Assurance Reviews

  • Corporate Governance

  • Regulatory Remediation

  • Culture Of The Firm

  • Compliance Support Services

  • Risk Management

  • Financial Crime Prevention

  • Financial Crime Prevention

Who we serve

We can, and do, serve all organisation’s, however due to the value add we provide, from a cost and quality perspective, we end up serving more small to medium sized financial firms.

As we gain more experiences with small/reg tech/crypto firms we are attracting more attention from some of the bigger firms. The technological gaps or required improvements which we implement in SMEs can also be utilised for bigger firms.

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