Raymond Pipe

Throughout Ray’s 25+ year career in financial services, he has worked for top-tier investment banks and commercial banks such as Wachovia, Société Générale, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Chemical Bank, with a deep understanding of Capital markets, in particular Fixed Income, Derivatives and Structured Products. Ray has served in leadership roles, building, and integrating Compliance teams to be a meaningful and sought-after component of the business process and managed end-to-end remediation projects under regulatory srutiny.

Ray was the EMEA, Chief Compliance Officer for Wells Fargo for eleven years responsible for all regulatory risk in the region, namely Compliance and Financial Crime but also Operational Risk. He is experienced working with UK, EU, and US regulation, in particular EU directives specializing in creating an all-encompassing 3 Lines of Defence model.

Ray has advised various firms on model implementation for both compliance and financial crime, worked on various Section 166 actions – primarily AML and governance but has also been engaged as an expert witness within financial crime litigation. He has held UK regulatory registrations CF10, CF11 and CF29.


Ray’s expertise is broad and detailed covering management of the discipline, as well as providing hands on specialist business advisory services in Capital Markets and Financial Crime. He has been responsible for and advised a wide range of firms, both large and smaill, to include Commercial and Corporate Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Swap Dealer/OTC derivatives, Foreign Exchange, Asset/Hedge Fund management and Prime Brokerage.

Vipin Sood

Vipin is an experienced practitioner within the financial services industry serving as a Chief Compliance Officer. Vipin worked at Wells Fargo and developed a standardised corporate compliance programme across the international space. In the past, Vipin has taken on high-profile challenging roles where the firm has been on the regulators watch list with multiple ongoing investigations around the globe.  He has good section 166 experience in trading and governance structure overhaul.

Vipin has worked and supported multiple firms under regulatory pressure and some operating in crisis mode.

He is a great project planner having been a Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Operating Officer and has served as Non-Executive Director (specifically utilizing Compliance/AML skills).


The breadth of coverage Vipin has as a compliance practitioner is rare having worked in small and large organistions across banking, asset management/hedge fund and wealth management, algo and more recently FinTech firms. In addition, he has physically relocated to three different locations across the world.  Having been a Chief Operating Officer I think both strategically and commercially from a regulatory perspective.

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