Having GRC as part of your compliance team means GRC will provide you with a comprehensive quality resource to suit your specific requirements. GRC will operate under retainer agreements or flexible ad hoc agreements, whatever is required to meet the client’s needs.

Overall Compliance Strategies and Execution

GRC will manage your regulatory application to the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by setting out a project plan from start to end and guiding you through the process and timelines expectation.

This may include:
  • A feasibility study of likelihood of being approved
  • Assessing FCA Regulated activities for which you will need permission
  • Advising you on the FCA competency requirements for senior management and other staff
  • Assisting you in the preparation of your Regulatory Business Plan
  • Outlining the corporate governance, systems and controls, and/or board structure expectations
  • Completion of the necessary forms, including ownership disclosure forms and FCA Approved Persons Forms
  • Providing you with practical and effective regulatory compliance documentation including Compliance Manual, Compliance Monitoring Programme
  • Preparing your senior management for meetings with the FCA
  • Liaising with your other advisers and with the FCA
  • FCA application from beginning to finish

Outsourced CCO

Financial Crime – AML/Anti Bribery and Corruption/Fraud –

e.g., KYC, Red Flags, SDD/CDD/EDD reviews, SARs, Financial Crime policies and procedures, OFAC, FATCA etc.
Conflict of Interests and Conduct Risk programme creation

Control Room –

build/assess information barrier environment, review and Improve the material, non-public information handling of the firm, Customer Transactions and Employee Personal Trading Reviews, provide – training, policies, and procedures, “Need to Know” standards, System access controls, Watch and restricted list management, PA dealing and conflict management

  • Research, Advertising and Sales Literature Reviews
  • Annual or Periodic Branch and/or Subsidiary /Business/Desk reviews
  • Writing/revision of Policies and Procedures
  • Provide training services
  • Create, review, or perform monitoring or surveillance programmes
  • Ongoing Registration Services (Approved Person and SMCR)
  • Expert Witness Services – Testimony, Regulatory findings strategic advisory service, Disciplinary analysis

Section 166 remediation –  GRC’s experience will aid and guide your firm to:

  • Prepare a root cause analysis showing how and why the failures occurred
  • Brief senior management on the conclusions arising from the root cause and work with them on an action plan
  • Communicate with the regulator on the remediation plan, its timing and reporting to ensure that a satisfactory resolution is achieved
  • Revise or create new policies and procedures in the areas that were deficient
  • Train relevant staff in the new procedures
  • Revise the monitoring and surveillance programme
  • Review the risk reporting function for incidents and their corrective actions
  • Conduct past business reviews
  • Liaise with the Firm’s legal counsel
  • Draft and assist in the implementation of a Risk Mitigation Programme
  • Enforcement action – when remediation is no longer an option

If enforcement proceedings are anticipated, we can work with your legal advisers towards the best possible outcome

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